Built on attention and trust.

When it comes to IT security, mutual trust is essential. We have our own Security Operations Center where we perform Cyber Security Monitoring. Because we - possibly - work with highly confidential data, the team is divided into different functions and roles. In this way, a 1st-line SOC employee is not allowed to view privacy-sensitive data. This employee is only allowed to do a technical analyses. 

All SOC employees have been screened and have signed a strict confidentiality statement. Integrity is regularly trained. The fact that there is access to the servers does not mean that this data may be viewed.

“With great power, comes great responsibility”

Not only a service, but also a businesspartner...

Cyber security is a complex subject that is developing at a rapid pace. Making a company cyberproof isn't done in a wink.

We are aware that we work with highly sensitive data. We keep you informed about the latest developments and we can keep your company secure. 

We like to build a long-term relationship where we do not only take over a large part of your concern about cyber security. We will also actively act as a business partner and guide you in making the right choices. 

Don't miss the latest developments in Cyber Security!

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